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The StarCat. An alien geek coming from the outer space ;)



Pluto is a complex web-based application to track vehicles. Our customers include one of the most prominent Hungarian fleet tracking companies, tracking over 30k vehicles. The web-based application was built from the ground up, mainly using the React framework. We designed, configured, and developed the software.


PrintPrincess is a simple cloud-based application allowing users to use their home printer from anywhere at any time around the globe. Our team designed it to be simple and work without needing manual network configuration. The project contains three parts. The client is written in Swift, the frontend using React/JS with a Firebase-powered backend enhanced with Node.js cloud functions.

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A simple Android app that allows users to integrate their Android device into their SMS receiving system. It sends incoming messages to an API endpoint. The application includes a client and a server application. The client application is written in Kotlin and Node.js power the backend.

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Hungarian Power Grid

We are proud to say we provided an IT-security audit for the Hungarian electricity high-voltage transmission lines operator, MAVIR Zrt. The grid measures approximately 3,200 kilometers in overall length, and its system contains many of Hungary's power plants, including the Paks nuclear power plant.

Our role was to audit the security of the core IT systems of the operator. While working on this project, we operated with multiple Linux, Windows, and even high- end enterprise systems, IBM storage, and tape systems.

Hungarian Post

The Hungarian Post is one of the largest enterprises in Hungary. It has more than 30k employees and provides essential services from regular post duties to check payments and even payments of retirements.

Our task was to audit the most critical IT systems of the customer. We performed so-called white, grey, and black-boxing tasks and checked many web applications using multiple web technologies. Then we cracked (jailbreak and disassembled) iOS and Android applications, performed wiretapping and faked SSL certificates. On top of that, we had to reverse engineer and source code audit tasks.
The masterpiece of this project was the audit of an 'exotic' z/OS (operating system) running on an IBM System z machine - The system is one of the largest in its field in Hungary. This project was a real challenge, a real Mr. Robot-ish task 🤖!


Besides our various developments and IT-security tasks, we are also adept in different fields, including but not limited to open-source intelligence (OSINT), data protection complience (GDPR) and security awareness training.


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